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From Russia with Love

Our extended Siberia Spirit family

Siberian Spirit gloves are made by a small, family-owned manufacturing company located in the heart of Russia. Ekaterina, the owner, works to provide superior quality materials and an exceptional level of craftsmanship from her exclusively female work force. We are continuously striving to insure fair wages and a safe work environment for the people involved in the production of our Siberia Spirit products.

How do we make our gloves?

Unlike most manufactured gloves made primarily by machines, production of Siberia Spirit gloves takes a more hands-on approach. To produce one pair of our artisanal-style gloves, we utilize the talents of 6 skilled Russian women to make the finished product. The following, are the steps we use to create one pair of Siberia Spirit gloves.

  • Glove patterns, designed primarily by the founders of Siberia Spirit (Aleks and Linda), are sent to our Russian glove maker Katerina.
  • Katerina, then, transfers our designs to a punched card for her knitting machines.
  • Her female workers thread the machines with yarn and manually slide the carriage back and forth to create the main part of the glove.
  • Then this portion is given to another person who adds the finger part of the glove.
  • A third worker stitches the glove together.
  • The gloves are washed for about two hours, 2-5 pair at a time. This process is called felting, and it is what gives Siberia Spirit gloves their soft and fluffy feel and look.
  • Once felted, the gloves are placed on forms for shaping and drying.
  • Finally, each glove is carefully inspected for imperfections, making sure it meets our high-quality standards.