About City Shoes Owner, Cathy Reddington

Hi, my name is Cathy. Although originally from West Hartford, Connecticut I spent idyllic summers in Wolfeboro, New Hampshire swimming in beautiful Lake Winnipesaukee. I moved to New Hampshire in the late 1980’s, married my husband, a New Hampshire native, and have lived here ever since. We have two adult daughters and currently reside in Rye with our golden retriever, Ted.

My favorite movie is The Wizard of Oz. You sure can’t find a more iconic pair of shoes than the ruby slippers right? I’ve been fascinated with them for years. I suppose that’s where my love of shoes began. Many times when travelling with my sisters I would bring home a pair of shoes as my souvenir. They would always remark that I was “shoe crazy”. When I had the opportunity in 2010 to open a retail store it seemed only natural to tap into my love of shoes and run with it. (Pun intended!)

Well, here we are many years later and City Shoes has become known throughout New England and around the seacoast region of New Hampshire as a shoe store specializing in women’s footwear. One that is focused on comfort with a splash of fashion combined with professional customer service in a welcoming and relaxed atmosphere. I am so very proud of the business I have built with the help of my knowledgeable and consistent staff. Our wonderful regular customers have become like family to all of us at City Shoes.

The purchase of a shoe is part “need” and part “want” with a lot of emotion added to the mix. City Shoes serves customers who have a need for support and comfort but think they will never find it in a fun, colorful, pretty shoe. It is of utmost importance to me to choose shoes that fulfill the needs and satisfy the wants of my customers all the while being considerate of the emotions involved. Our goal is to serve you, our customer, with honesty and professionalism with the aim of achieving what you walked through the door to achieve.

Sharing retail space with Club Boutique is a unique business model, one that has many advantages. Together with Club Boutique’s owner, Alissa Gold, we coordinate our clothing and shoe selections to assist you in finding complete outfits for many of life’s occasions. Whether the need is travel, work or a special occasion we help you look and feel your best from head to toe with all accessories included. Our greatest pleasure is to see you look and feel your best with a smile on your face wanting to come shop with us again and again.