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The Newport HighSoft platform sandal is a stylish and comfy sandal that features two points of adjustability with a both forefoot and ankle straps with hook & loop closures. The ankle strap also features an elastic band for an even more adjustable fit. The sporty platform outsole is not only shock absorbent and supportive, but flexible as well. Cushioning, flexibility, comfort and style, this sandal has it all!

HighSoft Technology

Ara has married the feeling of your most comfortable sneakers with their pumps and ballet lines. Super soft uppers, a highly flexible outsole, a supple and padded insole and a special foam insert hidden under the ball of the foot combine to create an indescribably comfortable walking experience.

Committed to the fine art of shoe craft.

Craftsmanship isn't just Ara's legacy, it's their obsession. Since 1949 they've adhered to a strict set of standards that yield the best made, best fitting shoes. Uncompromising in their pursuit of quality, they never have and never will settle for anything less than footwear perfection. Why should you?

An exquisite intersection of comfort and style.

Who says your most comfortable shoes can't also be your most attractive? Nobody told the ara designers that style and comfort are mutually exclusive. They combine superb fit, tremendous shock absorption and refreshing breathability with fine European styling to produce something unmistakably ara.