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Olang, founded in Italy in 1991, was the first brand to offer fashion winter boots on the Canadian market, made in Europe and fitted with OC anti-slip studs.  The functional and stunning boots are just what is necessary for the winters in the Northeast.  Quality materials, genuine shearling lining, waterproof, temperature rated.  This boot will serve you well and keep you looking fashionable and feeling cozy warm.

  • Exterior material in patent leather
  • Eco-bouclé wool collar
  • Eco wool lining
  • ALASKA outsole with OC System® studs
  • Addition of an additional insole with insulating and reflective silver film
  • Sturdy metal eyelet laces 
  • Waterproof BREATHTEX membrane
  • Comfort zone down to -30°C
  • Size ranging from 36 - 43
  • Boot height: 5.5" - 14.0 cm
  • Founded in Italy in 1991, OLANG was the first brand to offer fashion boots on the Canadian market, made in Europe and fitted with OC anti-slip studs, a system developed in Italy and still owned by the Italian manufacturer.

  • Comfort zone down to -30℃

    Lining provided with the insulating film which breathes OLANTEX waterproof

    Additional sole made of 90% wool with insulating and reflective silver film

    Italian sole provided with a pivoting and folding OC system with flow channels

    Made in Europe by a specialized workforce

    Steel studs mounted on an exclusive flexible polyurethane frame
    Designed to increase grip on snow and ice

    Midsole providing resistance to impact and compression
    Certified UNI EN 12568, as required by safety footwear regulations

  • All our boots have a removable insole. It will offer an orthopedic expert the opportunity to modify and improve the fit of your boots.
    A removable insole can also be replaced by a plantar orthosis or an insole sold in stores without changing the fit of the boot too much.

    Cemented construction: The upper part is cemented to the sole, which helps to maintain the shape of the boot and provide more comfort. The addition of the insole makes the fit easier and promotes warmth.

    A simple damp cloth is enough to maintain your boots. It is important to properly and regularly maintain the boots worn in the snow to ensure their longevity. For any use of an aerosol protective product, it is recommended to read the instructions carefully, make sure that the product is suitable for the type of material found on your boots and finally to do a test on a small surface before applying a spray protector on the entire boot.


    Before storing your boots for the summer, be sure to clean them thoroughly to remove any residue of salts, dust or other contaminants that could weaken the materials.

    This product should be used responsibly and appropriately. It is important to ensure that the stud system is securely attached to the sole at all times