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There’s something special about Wolky’s New Wave: the sole looks flat, but appearances are deceptive. The built-in heel cup raises the heel slightly, stabilising the foot and allowing it to roll more easily off the ground – with better posture as a result. Yet another plus: the rounded forefoot design means there’s plenty of room for toes and high insteps. And if you have wide feet, then you can’t go wrong with this boot. 

  • Fit: Suitable for the fuller foot and feet with a higher instep
  • Protects the heel from slipping 
  • The lightweight sole effectively absorbs shocks 
  • The footbed is covered with quality leather 
  • Removable anatomically shaped footbed 
  • The 100% leather lining absorbs perspiration perfectly 
  • Soft and supple quality leather for optimal comfort 
  • High-quality laces and zipper provide easy adjustability
  • The EVA insole is extra shock absorbing